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Kevin O'Connor
2018-11-17 17:56:53 UTC
The 1.12.0 version of SeaBIOS has now been released. For more
information on the release, please see:


New in this release:

* Initial support for "TPM CRB" hardware
* Improved cdrom media reporting in the boot menu on QEMU
* Improved floppy support on real floppy hardware
* SeaVGABIOS support for QEMU "bochs-display" and QEMU "ramfb" displays
* Several bug fixes and code cleanups

For information on obtaining SeaBIOS, please see:


===== git shortlog -n rel-1.11.0..rel-1.12.0 =====

Gerd Hoffmann (12):
optionrom: enable non-vga display devices
cbvga: factor out cbvga_setup_modes()
qemu: add bochs-display support
cbvga_setup_modes: use real mode number instead of 0x140
cbvga_list_modes: don't list current mode twice
cbvga_set_mode: disable clearmem in windows x86 emulator.
bochs_display_setup: return error on failure
pmm: use tmp zone on oom
vgasrc: add allocate_pmm()
qemu: add qemu ramfb support
cbvga_set_mode: refine clear display logic
pretty boot menu entry for cdrom drives

Nikolay Nikolov (11):
floppy: Introduce the floppy_dor_read() function
floppy: Introduce floppy_dor_mask()
floppy: Introduce FLOPPY_DOR_XXX constants
floppy: Preserve motor and drive sel bits when resetting the floppy controller
floppy: Reset the floppy motor count in floppy_drive_pio()
floppy: Use timer_check() in floppy_wait_irq()
floppy: hold the DOR reset bit low for 4 microseconds, when resetting
floppy: Execute a SPECIFY command after sensing the media type
floppy: Support up to 4 floppy drives when turning on the floppy motor
floppy: Wait for the floppy motor to reach a stable speed, after starting
floppy: Send 4 sense interrupt commands during controller initialization

Kevin O'Connor (10):
docs: Add sercon-port to Runtime_config.md documentation
paravirt: Only enable sercon in NOGRAPHIC mode if no other console specified
shadow: Don't invoke a shutdown on reboot unless in a reboot loop
build: Use git describe --always
docs: Update Download.md to use git clone via https
ssdt: Fix building of legacy acpi tables on current iasl compiler
docs: Update download file link
sdcard: Increase SDHCI_POWER_ON_TIME to 5ms
shadow: Rework bios copy code to prevent gcc array-bounds warning
docs: Note v1.12.0 release

Stefan Berger (5):
tpm: Add support for TPM2 ACPI table
tpm: Wait for tpmRegValidSts flag on CRB interface before probing
tpm: revert return values for successful/failed CRB probing
tpm: when CRB is active, select, lock it, and check addresses
tpm: Request access to locality 0

Marc-André Lureau (4):
x86: add readq()
tpm: generalize init_timeout()
tpm: use get_tpm_version() callback
tpm: add TPM CRB device support

Jing Liu (3):
pci: fix the return value for truncated capability
pci: clean up the debug message for pci capability found
pci: recognize RH PCI legacy bridge resource reservation capability

Stephen Douthit (3):
tpm: Refactor duplicated wait code in tis_wait_sts() & crb_wait_reg()
tpm: Wait for interface startup when probing
tpm: Handle unimplemented TIS_REG_IFACE_ID in tis_get_tpm_version()

Matt DeVillier (2):
nvme: fix I/O queue length calculation overflow
SeaVGABios/cbvga: Fix bpp for coreboot framebuffer

Marcel Apfelbaum (1):
pci: fix 'io hints' capability for RedHat PCI bridges

Paul Menzel (1):
docs/Download: Use more secure HTTPS URLs where possible

Shmuel Eiderman (1):
pvscsi: Scan all 64 possible targets
coreboot mailing list: ***@coreboot.org