Revisiting an old project from the FreeBIOS days
(too old to reply)
Gregg Levine
2018-10-29 00:36:19 UTC
I decided to revisit an old project from those days, and found that it
built almost correctly, after making a number of changes. For example
it looked as if our friend Eric was the originator behind it. I needed
to change his work directory settings to match the one I set up for
this interpretation of the process to build for an oldy but a goody.
It's the build process for the Intel 440GX, and the script file I'm
putting on this message shows what is happening towards the ending.
But it wasn't a normal ending, and I believe it could be easily
explained by a missing utility.

I can supply the original blob the things below came from. And I
remember a discussion as to what the target would have been found in,
I myself find it interesting that it's the original target that was
used for the Bochs project that's still running after about as many
years as I've known about our project.
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