Skylake (XHCI): System self start just after suspend S3.
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Naresh G. Solanki
2018-11-27 16:08:39 UTC
Hi Jose,

You mean connecting device to USB3 cause wake immediately after S3 entry?
Can you provide kernel logs
What device are you using?
Does behaviour changes if different device on USB3 is used ?
Also can you provided MMIO dump of PORTSC before & after S3 entry.
XHCI MMIO base can be found using command:
lspci -s 00:14.0 -vvvk # I guess bus 0, device 0x14, func 0 is XHCI ctrl.
region 0 is MMIO base
PORTSC for USB3 is in offset range 0x500-0x580.

Naresh G Solanki
On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 5:17 PM Jose Trujillo via coreboot
My Skylake system S3 suspension fails because it wakes up immediately.
If I connect the keyboard and mouse to USB2 ports and remove all USB devices from the USB3 ports then USB wake up works correctly until I connect something in the USB3 ports.
If I disable XHCI as wake up source in linux can go to S3 state but USB wake up no longer works.
Could it be missing configuration / ASL code?... a bug?
Do somebody knows how to make it work correctly?
Thank you,
Jose Trujillo.
Best regards,
Naresh G. Solanki
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